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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Who dun it?

Not a review but I've been looking at people's fingerprints lately. The three main types are whorls, loops & arches. So far I've looked at 7 sets of fingers & here's the results:
3 sets: all loops
2 sets: split loops & arches evenly
1 set: 9 loops, 1 arch
me: 8 whorls, 1 loop, 1 double loop (there's info out there if that sounds interesting!)

Why does no one else have whorls? Can every post a comment with what they have!

All in the name of science, it's not at all because I'm trying to track down who stole my Mars bar.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Friday: A Review

Few people in full-time education or employment would dispute that Friday is by and large the most enjoyable day of the working week. This particular Friday is enhanced no end by the presence of both sunshine and blossoms on trees, both of which tend to send me into a Maria von Trapp state of mind.

A typical Friday may involve a more cheerful air to the journey to your place of work/study, a friendlier aspect than usual to the faces of your fellow commuters, a spring in your step at the thought of the approaching weekend. Sod it, I'll pick up a cappuccino on the way in after all. Then when you get to your destination even your colleagues may well have a readier smile than on other days, and nearly every conversation will include the question "doing anything nice this weekend?"

Friday is the most popluar day to take off work, a fact I find quite baffling. If Friday is the best day of the week, Monday is almost universally acknowledged as being by some distance the worst, and it would seem to me to be blindingly obvious that if you're going to use some of your precious holiday allowance it might as well be on a day that you hate rather than one that's often quite good. There are few more pleasurable experiences than turning off the alarm clock on a Monday morning and turning over for another hour's kip.

But I digress. The typical Friday, with its stock phrases ("so glad it's Friday", "have a good weekend") is ehanced by the likelihood of someone suggesting you go to the pub for lunch and the one-in-a-million chance the boss will have fit of goodwill and suggest you all knock off half an hour early.

All this leads up to the best moment of the day - some might say of the whole week - which for me is at 5.30pm but which for others will simply be whatever time they knock off work/get let out of class. The absolute end of the working week, every minute of the weekend stretching out before you, the prospect of Friday night (in the pub, at the movies, in front of the TV) ahead.

Friday night itself is well-known as being girls'/lads' (delete as applicable) night, when you're free to go out with your mates without repercussions from your other half (if applicable), drink a bit too much and stay out a bit too late without having to worry about getting up early in the morning. Friday nights are often a bit impromptu, resulting in no-one having big expectations and a commensurately greater amount of fun being had by all.

Friday: 9/10 - the only problem with it is having to be at work in the first place.

By the way, in the interests of fair play, I must admit to having filched this idea wholesale from the highly original Everything Reviewed.

Thursday, April 21, 2005


Hello all. It's good to see everyone's getting the hang of the blog. I think it's about time we had some sort of challenge. This is probably a very boring idea but I seem to have lost all imagination. Anyway, I think it would be interesting if we each reviewed something. It can be anything, TV prog, book, game, website, the pie you had for dinner this evening, best chipping potato, and so on. You can write as much or as little as you like, including nothing at all. So there we are.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

the bloody fantastic baftas!!!!!!

well, it's that time of year again, for fans of quality programmes to be disappointed by the choices of supposedly representative panels. i can't quite remember if this was really the case for me last year, but i'm so bloody angry...you can guess why. she was soooo robbed. and can somebody explain the magicality of little britain, because i just don't get it.

EDIT: i love them now. well, the public's choice categories anyway. because, do you know what the whole of that build-up meant? what the whole voting process meant? it meant green wing won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

maybe it's time for one of the following - a) angry letter; b) mobs with flaming torches or c)...now what was c)... c) can now in fact be celebrations! who's up for virtual shots and champagne?

Friday, April 15, 2005

A vision

Today I saw the daughter (around age 8 I'm guessing) of Edward & Tubbs.
I was scared. I think we should start a national watch.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Here we go, my first contribution. A combined effort some years ago by myself and Jax the Insane.

Dreams... dreams, dreams, dreams

Last night I dreamt a TV series about 5 teenagers, 3 girls & 2 boys, who had objects that gave them special powers. I think this was influenced by Dungeons & Dragons, although I've not seen that for years. The objects were different to that - there was a tiara & a welding mask for 2 of them. And it was set in our current world. The first episode introduced the characters & their 'gizmos' (for want of a better word). The second had a baddie trying to steal their gizmos one by one but they managed to get them back by setting a trap with the last gizmo. The third had giant hands come out of the sky & steal their house, which was moved to an island off Wales. Later the hands moved the kids also & they worked it all out with a Welsh fisherman & got home. I don't remember the others. Maybe they'll come back to me.

Is there too much TV in my life?

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

good evening all

well, hello there, this is an entirely new experience for me - blogging and all that jazz. i felt the need to post just to make sure i can keep up with you kids and your newfangled technology. anyway, i checked the cupboard, and at this time of night i can find only alcoholic beverages. still, knowing you lot, i'm sure this is no problem.

anyway, for the pedants, i feel the need to explain myself. i am lazy, apparently something to do with studying maths, therefore the effort required to use the shift key is simply too great unless in relation to some form of punctuation. quite simply, i can't be arsed. so please excuse me, and enjoy. i'll try to be a bit more interesting next time, honest

Monday, April 11, 2005

Surveying the Demographic of the Voter Demographic. Please vote first and then read.

Let us introduce ourselves, we are Head of Polls, Poppy and Biscuits.

We have decided to start a poll which will determine the nation's predilection to certain numbers. We have selected a random sample of 12345, and over the coming week (or however long we can be bothered) we will observe the findings and discover which figure the public prefer.

And now our prediction....
we predict, based upon extensive research into the field of psychology, that people often like the underdog and so may veer towards the last number, 5. on the other hand, this is a cultural phenomenom specific to Britain, and so non-British voters of may be likely to go for the all-American number one. On the other hand, seeing as we live in a modern democratic society, we think that in this day and age that people do not go for either extreme anymore but prefer a more neutral and less biased approach.

Also we must take into account the Americanisation of many cultures, which may result in people liking number 1 more than they would have before. Still though, sympathy with the underdog may mean that many think 1 is a bit too showy,
and so will go for number 2 instead. Unfortunately, the number 2 can imply rude things with it rhyming with 'poo'. Therefore, people may instead go for either 3, or 4 depending on how much they sympathise with the underdog.

In retrospect: We dont have a clue.

So Biscuits predicts that the number 2 will win the poll because it's not quite
number 1. Poppy predicts that the winner will be number 3, because it's in the middle.
Let the voting commence!

Bodysnatcher, anyone?

There's been a bit of an invasion today! Hoorah! The posts are breeding.
*looks around* and there's no flies here so that's a bonus.
If only boxes were letting me in (sound familiar?).

[edit] Hmm, so that's something to note. My <> brackets (if they don't show up they're the triangular ones) don't show up. I'll have to use another cunning device.

May I come in?

Well, I must say, this is a delightful blog. Solid construction, tasteful decor, excellent location, charming neighbours... Yes, I think this will do very well.
*pulls up favourite armchair*
So, whose turn is it to make the tea?


I'm in! My quest for global world planetary domination through pretentiousness starts here! Finally, an outlet for all the deeply fascinating, original, witty, pithy thoughts churning around inside my head! Ummmm...you see, now I can't think of anything at all to say. Biscuits! Help!

Sunday, April 10, 2005


Ok the results on my blog poll were:

A Murder of Crows 12.50% 1

A Drove of Asses 50.00% 4

Shall I Compare Thee to a... Blog? 0.00% 0

The Good Bloggers, the Bad Bloggers and the Ugly 0.00% 0

Ineedadoctor(or something lke that) 12.50% 1

Severally Irritating 12.50% 1

Alley Lurkers Unite 12.50% 1

Something else.
Not as the title, I mean, something thats not in this list. 0.00% 0

Which means A Drove of Asses is our title.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Let's Get This Shoe On The Roof...